Jamie Hiscock


headshot of jamie hiscock from prime movers industrial moving and rigging calgary edmonton alberta

Get To Know Jamie Hiscock

In 2009, Jamie embarked on his journey in the industrial moving sector, initially contributing to projects in the northern regions, encompassing gas plants and oil sands operations, with a focus on critical lifts.

Upon returning to Calgary, he ventured into diverse facets of the industrial moving realm. Jamie successfully obtained his Class 1 license and honed his expertise in precision operations like CNC machinery jack and roll, demolition, and custom rigging.

As Jamie’s skills evolved, he ascended to the role of Foreman and Lead Hand, demonstrating exceptional leadership abilities. Subsequently, Jamie diversified his career by exploring opportunities in the oil patch industry.

In 2018, he joined Prime Movers, assuming the position of Foreman, where he managed larger teams and spearheaded high-profile projects. Jamie excelled in executing demolition and intricate custom rigging tasks.

In recognition of his dedication to professional growth, Jamie attained his Journeyman Boom Truck certification. This milestone ushered in a new phase of skill development, encompassing custom lift systems and advanced technical rigging. In a short span, Jamie transitioned into a Supervisor role, where he plays a pivotal role in project management, crew supervision, and job oversight.

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