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Heavy Duty Trucks

Empowering Industrial Moves From Anywhere In Canada With Our Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet

Prime Movers’ extensive fleet of heavy-duty moving trucks is the driving force behind our robust nationwide logistics capabilities, ensuring we can handle any job across Canada, including Alberta’s diverse industrial landscape.

Our fleet, featuring over 10 semi-tractors, is the backbone of our operation, designed to move large-scale equipment efficiently. Complementing these are our F550 Hotshot trucks, exemplifying versatility and efficiency, ideal for transporting smaller goods and providing bespoke transport solutions. Together, with our diverse range of tractor trailers from step decks to lowboys, we offer flexible and tailored moving solutions, adept at handling everything from manpower to oversized loads, ensuring seamless industrial moving experiences.

Tractors and Semis

Our fleet of over 10 semi-tractors represents the backbone of our nationwide logistics capacity - ensure we can move you, no matter what the job.

Prime Movers proudly operates an extensive fleet of over 10 tractors – a fundamental asset to our business. As a Federal Carrier, these tractors are crucial for hauling both customer and company equipment across throughout Alberta and the rest of Canada. 

Our tractors are equipped to handle diverse transportation needs, offering reliable and efficient service nationwide.

Their capability to transport a wide range of equipment underscores our commitment to meeting the logistic demands of our clients, ensuring safe and timely delivery in every operation.

This fleet symbolizes our dedication to excellence in industrial moving, making us a trusted partner in Canada’s transport sector.

Hotshot Trucks

Our fleet of F550 Hotshot trucks epitomizes efficiency and versatility.

Our fleet of Hotshot trucks in Calgary and Edmonton, consisting of robust F550s, is a highly utilized component of our operations. 

These trucks, paired with gooseneck trailers, are perfect for transportation needs, especially for operators who are yet to complete the Class 1 program. They play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of goods across the region. 

Their design and capabilities make them ideally suited for a variety of hauling tasks, demonstrating our commitment to versatility and adaptability in meeting our client’s diverse industrial moving needs.

5-Ton Vans

Allowing us to offer a tailored solution for efficient transport of smaller goods.

Prime Movers operates a versatile fleet of 5-ton vans in Calgary and Edmonton, each equipped with hydraulic tailgate capabilities for efficient small-item moving.

These vans are perfectly designed to cater to the nuanced needs of industrial moving, providing a reliable solution for transporting a variety of ‘smaller’ goods.

Their specialized design ensures safe and effective handling, making them an invaluable asset for our operations in and around Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta.

Pickup Trucks

Playing a vital role in ensuring efficient, coordinated transport for industrial moving, adeptly handling both manpower and oversized loads.

Prime Movers boasts a fleet of over 10 crew trucks in Calgary and Edmonton, dedicated to efficiently shuttling manpower and equipment between job sites.

These trucks are essential in supporting our dynamic industrial moving operations, ensuring timely and coordinated transport of resources.

Additionally, we possess our own pilot cars, enabling us to adeptly handle the transportation of over-dimensional loads.

This combination of crew trucks and pilot cars underscores our commitment to comprehensive logistics solutions, catering to the diverse and complex needs of our clients across Calgary, Edmonton, and beyond.

Tractor Trailers

From step decks to lowboys, our tractor trailors provide tailored, flexible solutions for all your industrial moving throughout Alberta and Canada.

Prime Movers owns and operates an extensive fleet of over 30 different types of tractor trailers throughout Calgary, Edmont, and Alberta, catering to a broad range of industrial moving needs.

Our diverse selection includes step deck and highboy trailers, removable gooseneck and lowboy trailers, as well as tilt deck and equipment haulers. We also offer a variety of gooseneck flatdeck, dump trailers, and enclosed van trailers.

This wide range of options ensures we can meet specific transportation requirements, providing flexible and efficient solutions for moving equipment and goods in and around Alberta and Canada.

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