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From custom machinery installations that mesh seamlessly with your production line to emergency repairs that minimize downtime, we ensure that your equipment operates at its best.

Minimize your downtime with our professional Millwright services

We offer turnkey millwright services and solutions for all of Alberta including Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Beyond

At Prime Movers, we specialize in providing a range of millwright services to ensure the efficient operation of your machinery and equipment. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime, as every moment your machine is not in operation means potential revenue loss. Whether it’s day or night, you can rely on us to swiftly get your machinery up and running at its optimal performance.

Our millwright services include mechanical disconnection, equipment leveling, anchoring machinery to foundations, welding or fabricating platforms, and so much more. We take pride in our extensive knowledge and expertise, enabling us to offer rapid and reliable service to Calgary, Edmonton, and the rest of Alberta, Canada.

We recognize that complex machinery issues can arise, and your in-house staff may not always have the solutions. That’s where our experienced and qualified technicians come in. Whether you require assistance with custom fabrication or the installation of new machinery, you can count on us to provide expert support for any project.

From short-term storage to long-term projects, we have you covered indoors and outdoors

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We Offer A Range of Millwright Solutions Throughout Alberta

Custom Machinery Installation In Calgary and Edmonton

Our Custom Machinery Installation services ensure that your equipment is set up with precision and care. We work closely with your team to understand the specific requirements of your operation, delivering tailored solutions that fit seamlessly into your production line. From single machine units to entire industrial setups, our installations are conducted with minimal disruption to your business, ensuring that you are up and running with efficiency and reliability.

Machinery Maintenance & Repair In Calgary and Edmonton

At the core of our services is Machinery Maintenance & Repair, designed to keep your operations in peak condition. Our preventative maintenance programs help avoid costly downtime, while our responsive repair services ensure that any issues are swiftly addressed. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot problems and perform repairs with meticulous attention to detail, extending the longevity and performance of your machinery.

Precision Alignment & Calibration In Calgary and Edmonton

Precision Alignment & Calibration is critical to maintaining the accuracy and functionality of industrial machinery. Our skilled technicians use advanced laser alignment tools to ensure that all components are perfectly aligned according to manufacturer specifications. This service reduces wear and tear, enhances efficiency, and improves the overall output of your machinery.

Equipment Overhaul & Rebuilds In Calgary and Edmonton

When machinery reaches the end of its service life, our Equipment Overhaul & Rebuilds provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. We meticulously disassemble, inspect, and rebuild machines, replacing or repairing worn components to bring them back to top condition. This solution not only saves money but also contributes to sustainability by extending the life of existing machinery.

Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation In Calgary and Edmonton

Our Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation services support the backbone of your industrial facilities. We handle everything from the creation of custom steel components to the erection of complex structures. With a focus on strength, durability, and precision, our steel fabrication solutions meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Conveyor System Services In Calgary and Edmonton

We understand the importance of material handling in industrial operations, which is why we offer comprehensive Conveyor System Services. Our team is equipped to install, repair, and maintain a wide range of conveyor types, ensuring that your materials move smoothly and efficiently through the production process. Our service minimizes bottlenecks and maximizes productivity.

Shutdown & Turnaround Services In Calgary and Edmonton

Shutdown & Turnaround Services are crucial for intensive maintenance activities that cannot be performed during regular operations. We specialize in planning and executing these critical periods with a focus on minimizing downtime and ensuring that work is completed safely and effectively. Our systematic approach ensures that your operations are back online as quickly as possible, with improved performance and reliability.

Project Management & Consultation In Calgary and Edmonton

For clients seeking guidance on complex industrial projects, we offer Project Management & Consultation services. Our experienced project managers oversee the planning, coordination, and execution of millwright projects, ensuring that all aspects are in line with client objectives, budget, and timelines. We provide expert advice and manage resources to deliver successful project outcomes.

On-site Welding & Metalwork In Calgary and Edmonton

Our On-site Welding & Metalwork services provide the convenience and efficiency of bringing skilled welding professionals directly to your location. We handle a variety of welding projects, from repair work to custom fabrication, using a range of materials and welding techniques to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Equipment Relocation & Transportation In Calgary and Edmonton

When it’s time to move heavy machinery, our Equipment Relocation & Transportation solutions come into play. We manage the disassembly, secure packing, transportation, and reassembly of your equipment, ensuring it’s relocated safely and set up correctly at its new location. Our meticulous planning and execution mean that you can trust us to handle the logistics of machinery moves, regardless of the complexity or distance.

Millwright Services and Solutions For All of Alberta

Millwright Services In Calgary Alberta

Calgary’s vibrant energy and construction sectors demand precision and expertise, which is where our Millwright services come in. Our team of skilled professionals in Calgary provides comprehensive machinery installation, maintenance, and repair solutions that keep your operations running smoothly. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we ensure minimal downtime and maximum performance for all your industrial machinery needs.

Millwright Services In Edmonton Alberta

In Edmonton, known for its diverse industrial landscape, our Millwright services offer unmatched technical skill and reliability. Whether it’s custom fabrication, equipment assembly, or proactive maintenance, our Edmonton team stands ready to support the city’s robust manufacturing, processing, and energy sectors with precision and dedication to quality.

Millwright Services In Fort McMurray Alberta

Fort McMurray’s heavy industrial scene requires the toughest and most resilient Millwright services, and we deliver. Specializing in the oil sands, our Fort McMurray team is equipped with the expertise to handle the most challenging millwright tasks, ensuring your heavy machinery and equipment are maintained to the highest standards and operate at peak efficiency.

Millwright Services In Red Deer Alberta

Centrally located, Red Deer benefits from our strategic Millwright services that keep the heart of Alberta’s industry beating. Our Red Deer professionals excel in providing end-to-end millwright solutions, from equipment installation to emergency repairs, ensuring that the agricultural and manufacturing sectors have access to the best in mechanical support.

Millwright Services In Airdrie Alberta

Airdrie’s growing industrial sector requires dynamic Millwright services that adapt to its evolving needs. Our Airdrie team offers versatile and responsive millwright and maintenance services, ensuring that every piece of equipment, no matter the size or function, receives meticulous attention and care.

Millwright Services In Lethbridge Alberta

Lethbridge’s diverse economy relies on agricultural, health, and educational sectors, all of which are supported by our expert Millwright services. Our professionals in Lethbridge are dedicated to providing top-tier machinery maintenance, ensuring that every operation, large or small, benefits from optimal machine performance and reliability.

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