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From start to finish, we know how to deal with the ups and downs

From start to finish, we know how to deal with the ups and downs.

We provide turnkey industrial escalator & elevator moving services throughout the Alberta area including Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer.

The escalator industry can be straight forward or require highly complex rigging systems. Our team at Prime Movers has worked for the largest Escalator companies in the Province and have been rigging escalators for the last decade and a half. There is a tremendous amount of planning that goes into an escalator replacement and Prime Movers has the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

Prime Movers will work with the escalator mechanics every step of the way. We will receive, unload and store the unit(s) at our facility, assist with splicing and connection, transportation to site, design and install hoist systems to remove and replace the unit(s), and finally haul the old unit(s)t to the recycling facility.


Do you have an Alberta elevator to install at a construction site but the site isn’t ready? Re-route the truck to us and we will be happy to unload it into our warehouse. Once ready, we can load and transport the elevator to your site.

Have an elevator motor assembly that you want to pre-build before it goes to the site? Bring it to our facility and we will supply an operator with the right equipment to assist your mechanics.

Or how about a gantry or rigging system set up over an existing motor assembly on site so that your technicians can perform maintenance or repairs? We can provide that too.

Elevator motors winched upstairs or craned to machine rooms on the top floor penthouse… no problem.

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