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Specialty Moving Equipment

Elevating Alberta's Vast Number of Industries with our Specialized Lifting Equipment Solutions

At Prime Movers, we own an array of specialized tools and systems designed to handle the unique industrial moving challenges well-known to Alberta’s many industrial sectors. If you need it moved, we can handle it.

Our fleet of specialty moving equipment includes our manual gantries, available in a range of capacities and materials, provide precise and adaptable lifting solutions. Complementing these, our advanced hydraulic gantries, featuring the latest technology, offer versatile, high-precision lifting for various industrial projects. Additionally, our custom-designed rigging systems, utilizing innovative Peri Props, cater to the unique requirements of complex moving tasks.

Together, these elements showcase our dedication to delivering top-tier industrial moving solutions throughout Alberta.

Our Fleet of Specialty Moving Equipment

Specialized Moving Equipment Including Manual Gantries

Manual Gantries

A diverse fleet of manual gantries, ranging from 1 to 5 tons in steel and aluminum, offering adaptable lifting for all of Alberta.

Prime Movers boasts a substantial inventory of manual gantries, crucial for our specialized industrial moving and crane services in Calgary, Edmonton, and across Alberta. Our collection ranges from 1-ton to 5-ton capacity, catering to a variety of lifting needs. We offer both steel and aluminum gantries, providing options that balance durability with ease of handling.

Additionally, our gantries come in rolling and stationary models, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for different operational requirements. This variety enables us to offer customized solutions for lifting and moving tasks, underlining our commitment to versatility and efficiency in Alberta’s industrial sectors.

Hydraulic Gantries

Our 2020 Hydraulic Gantries offer advanced hydraulic lifting and versatility, adapting to a myriad of project requirements and precision lifting.

Prime Movers operates an array of 2020 Hydraulic Gantries, a vital component of our advanced industrial moving and crane services in Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta. These units are celebrated for their extreme versatility, featuring hydraulic lifting and driving capabilities.

The availability of a large assortment of gantry beams in our inventory allows us to offer numerous options for gantry span, accommodating a wide range of project requirements.

This adaptability, coupled with their advanced hydraulic systems, makes our Hydraulic Gantries an invaluable tool for efficient and precise lifting tasks in Alberta’s diverse and dynamic industrial landscape.

Specialized Moving Equipment Including Hydraulic Gantries
Specialized Moving Equipment Including Design and Build Systems

Design/Build Systems

Innovative design/build rigging systems, crafted with Peri Props and customized mounting plates, offer tailor-made solutions for complex scenarios.

At Prime Movers, our design/build rigging systems, a key service in Calgary, Edmonton, and across Alberta, are innovatively designed using Peri Props. Our systems feature customized mounting plates that can receive beams, enabling us to construct lifting structures tailored to an unlimited array of scenarios.

This bespoke approach ensures that we can provide solutions for even the most complex and unique industrial moving challenges.

Our design/build systems exemplify our commitment to delivering versatile, efficient, and precisely engineered solutions, enhancing our capability to meet your diverse industrial moving needs.