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Industrial Forklifts

We prioritize investing in top-quality industrial forklifts that excel in both performance and safety.

Whether your project involves shifting delicate machinery or handling massive loads, rest assured that we possess the precise industrial forklifts needed to do the job efficiently and securely. Our commitment to quality industrial forklifts ensures that no matter the scope or complexity of your industrial moving needs, we have the equipment to handle it with precision and expertise.

Industrial Forklifts

Bristol RS 80-100

100,000lbs capacity forklift with Optional Boom Attachment

The Bristol RS 80-100 Heavy Duty Forklift is a game-changer for all your industrial moving needs through Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta. With a staggering capacity range of 80,000 to 100,000 lbs, depending on its configuration, this forklift is engineered to handle the most demanding tasks with ease.

Measuring 106 inches in height, 199 inches in length, and 96 inches in width, the Bristol RS 80-100 is designed to offer maximum efficiency without compromising on maneuverability. It stands out with its ability to adjust the load-center counterweight, providing a versatile lifting range that meets almost all industrial needs.

Whether it’s relocating heavy machinery or managing large-scale construction materials, this forklift is your reliable partner for all your industrial moving jobs.

Industrial Forklifts

Bristol RS 80

80,000 Lbs Capacity forklift wtih Optional Boom Attachment

The Bristol RS80 Forklift is a cornerstone for heavy-duty industrial moving. This robust forklift boasts an impressive 80,000 lbs capacity, making it ideal for lifting and transporting substantial loads with ease. Equipped with durable pneumatic tires, it ensures smooth operation across various terrains.

The RS80’s practical design features an 8-foot fork length and a maximum lift height of 8 ft 6 in, allowing for versatile and efficient handling of materials. Its substantial machine weight of 44,680 lbs and counterweights totaling 24,000 lbs, ensures stability and safety in even the most challenging environments.

The Bristol RS80 Forklift is not just a tool but a dependable partner in your Calgary and Edmonton industrial jobs, providing unparalleled performance and reliability.

Industrial Forklifts

Taylor HMS55 (Custom)

55,000 Lbs Capacity forklift with Optional Boom Attachment

The Taylor HMS55 (Custom) Forklift is engineered to deliver exceptional strength and reliability. This powerhouse forklift, with an approximate capacity of 55,000 lbs, is tailor-made for industrial challenges requiring significant lifting power. Its robust design ensures stability and safety, even when handling the heaviest loads.

The Taylor HMS55 (Custom) Forklift stands out with its ease of maneuverability and precision in operation, making it a top choice for jobs that require dependable, high-capacity lifting solutions. Whether for construction, warehousing, or industrial transportation, this is a go-to piece of equipment for many of our jobs throughout Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta.

Industrial Forklifts

Taylor TC300S

30,000 Lbs Capacity Forklift

The Taylor TC300S Forklift is a dynamic solution for your heavy lifting needs in Calgary and Edmonton, perfectly blending strength with agility. This formidable forklift boasts a substantial 30,000 lbs capacity, making it ideal for intensive lifting tasks in manufacturing facilities and other demanding environments.

Known for its remarkable capability in confined areas, the Taylor TC300S excels in maneuverability without sacrificing power. Its design incorporates a 24″ load center, facilitating precise and safe handling of large loads. Additionally, a lowered mast height provides easy navigation through tight spaces, enhancing operational efficiency.

The Taylor TC300S Forklift is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a key player in optimizing your industrial moving operations in Calgary and Edmonton, ensuring that even the heaviest loads are handled easily and precisely.

Industrial Forklifts

Fulgham 30

30,000 Lbs Capacity Forklift

The Fulgham 30 Forklift, as known as ‘The Canary,’ is a testament to enduring quality and efficiency. Despite being an older model, the Canary’s meticulous maintenance has kept it at the forefront of Prime Movers’ fleet. This forklift boasts a robust capacity of 30,000 lbs, making it a reliable choice for significant lifting, especially in manufacturing settings.

Its strength is matched by its agility, allowing it to operate exceptionally well in tight areas. The Fulgham 30’s design ensures it navigates through confined spaces without compromising its heavy-duty lifting ability. This combination of power and precision makes it an indispensable tool at Prime Movers.

Industrial Forklifts

Hyster 155XL

15,000 Lbs Capacity Forklift

The Hyster 155XL Forklift stands out in the Prime Movers’ fleet for handling diverse outdoor conditions throughout Alberta. This robust forklift, with a 15,500 lbs capacity, is specifically designed for outdoor operations where ground conditions are challenging. Its compact dimensions, with a length of 12.04 feet and an overall width of 6.84 feet, allow for easy maneuverability in varied environments.

The Hyster 155XL features a substantial load capacity at a 24″ load center, combined with a 3-stage mast that reaches a maximum lift height of 151 inches, ensuring versatility in lifting and stacking operations. The forklift’s design also includes pneumatic tires, making it well-suited for uneven terrain. Its combination of power, maneuverability, and transportability makes the Hyster 155XL an invaluable asset for all of our industrial moving through in Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta.

Industrial Forklifts

Hyster Riggers Special 150

15,000 Lbs Capacity Forklift with Optional Boom Attachment

The Hyster Riggers Special 150 Forklift, ideal for indoor industrial tasks in Calgary and Edmonton, combines power with a compact design. This 15,000 lbs capacity forklift excels in tight spaces thanks to its small wheelbase and superior maneuverability. It features an optional boom attachment for top-lifting versatility, enhancing its utility in various tasks.

Despite its size, it efficiently handles significant weights with ease. Easily transportable on gooseneck trailers, the Hyster Riggers Special 150 is a versatile, robust, and user-friendly asset for optimal indoor performance.

Industrial Forklifts

Hyundai 45DS-7E

10,000 Lbs Capacity Forklift

The Hyundai 45DS-7E Forklift offers a perfect middle ground with its capacity of 10,000 lbs / 4.5 tons. Bridging the gap between 6,000 lbs and 15,000 lbs models, it combines power and maneuverability. Its compact frame and 2.89-meter turning radius also enhance its versatility.

With a 4-meter lifting height and 31.8% climbing ability, it’s adaptable for a wide variety of industrial moving tasks. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use, the Hyundai 45DS-7E is a reliable, go-to mid-capacity forklift for a diverse operational needs through Alberta.

Industrial Forklifts

6,000lbs Capacity Forklifts

A Fleet of 6,000 lbs Capacity Forklifts

The Prime Movers fleet of 6,000 lbs capacity forklifts stands as the cornerstone of efficiency, offering unmatched versatility and reliability. These smaller yet highly capable forklifts are an everyday essential, seamlessly integrating into various settings from job sites to warehouses.

Their compact size allows for exceptional maneuverability, making them ideal for navigating through tight spaces commonly found throughout Alberta’s numerous warehouse environments. Despite their smaller stature, these forklifts pack a powerful punch, efficiently handling loads up to 6,000 lbs with ease. Their robust design ensures durability and longevity, making them a dependable choice for daily operations.


Skid Steers

A Fleet of Skid Steers with Bucket or Fork Attachments

Our skid steers, equipped with both bucket and fork attachments, are indispensable for efficient operation in Alberta’s diverse conditions. These units are a staple around our shop and occasionally make their way into the field. The versatility of having both bucket and fork options enables them to handle a range of tasks, from clearing snow to moving materials. Their compact design and maneuverability make them ideal for use in confined spaces, enhancing productivity and operational flexibility. These skid steers are not just tools, but vital assets in maintaining year-round functionality, proving essential in the varied landscape of Calgary and Edmonton.

Zoom Booms

JLG Skytrack Telehandler

Telehandler (Zoom Boom) with an 8,000lbs capacity

The JLG Skytrack Telehandler, also known as Zoom Boom, is a pivotal asset for our operations in Calgary and Edmonton, blending versatility with substantial capacity. This telehandler’s 8,000 lbs capacity strikes an ideal balance between size and power, making it perfect for a variety of tasks both on job sites and around our shop. Its telescopic boom offers extended reach and height, allowing for precise and efficient material handling in diverse settings. The JLG Skytrack Telehandler is not just  a piece of equipment, but a key player in ensuring our operations run smoothly and effectively, proving its worth in every lift and maneuver.