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Industrial Cranes

Versatile Industrial Cranes for Every Industrial Moving Challenge Throughout Alberta

At Prime Movers, our diverse fleet of industrial moving cranes stands ready to meet the varied demands of Alberta’s industries.

With an extensive range of cranes tailored for all job types and lift amounts, our fleet is equipped to handle anything from intricate indoor operations to large-scale outdoor projects. Each crane in our fleet, from powerful knuckle booms to precision carrydecks, is selected for its ability to deliver efficient, safe, and reliable lifting solutions, ensuring we can successfully tackle any industrial moving challenge with expertise and agility.

Industrial Cranes

Hiab XS 600 E-9

A versatile titan in industrial lifting, blending exceptional load capacity with precise control for Alberta's intricate lifting needs

The Hiab XS 600 E-9 Knuckle Boom Crane is a key component of our industrial moving and crane services in Calgary, Edmonton, and throughout Alberta. This crane is lauded for its excellent combination of lifting and payload capacities, making it an ideal all-around choice for various industrial applications. Its advanced knuckle boom mechanism offers superb control and flexibility, essential for intricate lifting tasks.

With a maximum reach of 22.6 meters and a maximum lifting capacity of 15,500 kg, the Hiab XS 600 E-9’s capabilities ensure we deliver efficient and reliable crane services, reinforcing our position as a leading provider in Alberta’s industrial landscape.

Industrial Cranes

Palfinger K42502

With an advanced knuckle boom design and impressive lifting capabilities, it is a staple in our industrial crane fleet.

The Palfinger K42502 Knuckle Boom Crane is a standout in our fleet for industrial moving and crane services in Calgary, Edmonton, and across Alberta. Renowned for its remarkable blend of lifting and payload capacity, this crane is a versatile all-rounder, ideally suited for a variety of tasks. 

With a maximum reach of 14.3 meters and a maximum lift capacity of 8,960kg, the Palfinger allows for excellent maneuverability and precision, especially in tighter spaces. Its advanced knuckle boom design and impressive lifting capabilities make it a valuable tool in our fleet, enhancing our ability to provide top-tier crane services in Alberta’s dynamic industrial sectors.

Industrial Cranes

Fassi F460.26

Compact yet mighty, it excels in tight spaces with its impressive 15-ton capacity and 16.60-meter reach

The Fassi F460.26 Knuckle Boom Crane is an integral part of our industrial moving and crane services across Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta. This crane, though compact, boasts a robust build that allows it to excel in tight spaces where larger cranes can’t operate. Its small footprint, combined with a strong lifting capacity, makes it perfect for intricate lifting tasks in confined areas. Featuring a load torque of 425 kNm, a maximum reach of 16.60 meters, and an impressive maximum carrying capacity of 15.00 tons, the Fassi F460.26’s versatility and efficiency make it a valuable asset for our specialized crane services.

Industrial Cranes

Fassi F1500AXP.28

Alberta's towering leader in lifting, blending formidable strength with agility for substantial lifts and adding to our industrial crane fleet.

The Fassi F1500AXP.28, our largest knuckle boom crane and a standout in Southern Alberta, is a powerhouse in our crane services fleet for Calgary, Edmonton, and beyond.

This crane boasts a formidable load torque of 1058 kNm and a maximum lift capacity of 30,000 kgs, making it capable of handling substantial lifts. The FASSI has an impressive reach of up to 26.8 metres and an auxiliary winch option that allows the knuckle boom to operate with a running line, if required. The Fassi F1500AXP.28 combines size, strength, and agility, solidifying our commitment to delivering versatile and high-capacity crane services across Alberta’s industrial sectors.

Industrial Cranes

Broderson IC-200

Compact yet mighty, excelling in confined spaces with a 30,000-pound capacity and 51.4 feet reach, a versatile giant in Alberta's industrial scene.

Prime Movers operates several 15-ton Broderson IC-200 Carrydeck Cranes, which are key to our industrial moving and crane services in Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta. 

These cranes are particularly effective in tight, confined areas or for indoor work, thanks to their compact design and impressive capabilities.

The Broderson IC-200 has a rated capacity of 30,000 pounds and a deck capacity of 17,000 pounds. Its main boom extends to 36.2 feet, with an optional offsettable jib reaching 15.2 feet, culminating in a total tip height of 60 feet. Weighing 26,500 lbs with an overall height of 7′ 11″, the Broderson IC-200 blends power with maneuverability, making it a versatile and indispensable part of our fleet.

Industrial Cranes

Shuttlelift 3330 ELB

A 'small but mighty' marvel, mastering tight spaces with its agile design and telescoping boom, essential for Alberta's diverse industrial sites.

The Shuttlelift 3330 ELB is a compact yet powerful carrydeck crane, forming a crucial part of our industrial moving and crane services in Calgary, Edmonton, and Alberta.

Known for its ‘small but mighty’ character, this crane excels in tight areas, making it ideal for challenging spaces where larger cranes cannot operate. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor job sites and features a telescoping boom for versatile material handling.

The Shuttlelift 3330 ELB’s size and capability make it an invaluable asset for efficient and precise lifting tasks in Alberta’s dynamic industrial sectors.

Industrial Cranes

Spydercrane URW295

A compact powerhouse, folding to 24 inches wide yet lifting up to 6,450 lbs, perfect for navigating Alberta's most challenging spaces.

Prime Movers’ fleet includes the versatile Spydercrane URW295, a mini crawler crane renowned for its ability to operate in hard-to-reach places. Despite its compact size, folding up to just 24 inches wide for easy passage through restricted spaces, this crane packs a surprising punch.

It boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 6,450 lbs at 4.6 feet and a working radius of 1.5 to 28 feet. Its dimensions of 2.0 x 4.6 x 9.0 feet and a weight of 4,100 lbs make it ideal for indoor tasks and tight outdoor spaces.

The URW295’s size and versatility allow us to offer unparalleled flexibility, underlining our commitment to providing adaptive crane solutions in Alberta’s varied industrial environments.