Health & Safety

Industrial Safety
Our Foremost Priority

Safety Is Always Our first Priority

At Prime Movers Rigging & Industrial Services Inc., industrial safety is the cornerstone of our operations. We are steadfast in providing a safe and healthy work environment for everyone involved in our projects, including employees, contractors, and customers. Our aim is to prevent injuries, safeguard property, and continually enhance our industrial safety and health program.

Industrial safety demands collective responsibility from all stakeholders in our projects. A supportive and participative attitude from all levels, coupled with a team-driven approach, is vital to achieve our safety objectives.

Our commitment extends beyond ensuring a safe work environment; we focus on setting and maintaining high industrial safety standards in site and equipment management. Our goal is to eliminate all physical and health hazards. At Prime Movers, we firmly believe that no task is so urgent that it can’t be performed with utmost safety.

Often, incidents are a result of inadequate planning and operations leading to employee injuries, property and equipment damage, and disruptions in production and schedules. Our managers, supervisors, and foremen are dedicated to ensuring that each worker is properly trained to perform their duties safely, enforcing strict industrial safety procedures and regulations, and promptly addressing any unsafe activities or conditions.

Prime Movers’ Health and Safety Policies, infused with rigorous industrial safety measures, are applicable to all employees at all times, whether at a customer’s site, a construction location, or our own premises. Occasionally, additional or more stringent policies may be in place, necessitating adherence to both Prime Movers’ and other relevant safety procedures.

We believe that preventing, correcting, or reporting unsafe conditions is a collective responsibility. Prime Movers recognizes that all employees have the right, responsibility, and obligation to refuse work in unsafe conditions. Effectively controlling and preventing incidents is a shared endeavor, requiring active participation from all employees and continuous oversight by managers and supervisors. Achieving our industrial safety goals is a collaborative effort, demanding teamwork and cooperation from everyone involved in any project.

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